Thursday, October 12, 2017


So I haven't been posting lately because I developed two significant cataracts. And by significant, I mean, I could hardly see AT ALL out of one eye and the other was badly clouded. I couldn't drive, read, or see the computer!  I kept knocking things over and the only good thing was that now I was looking pretty good in the mirror... no flaws...that I could see.

It took a couple of months to get in for the surgery but now it's all over and I can SEE!! Better than I have in YEARS! Now I don't even need glasses to drive! I still have to get the other one done but still...My vision in one eye is now 20/20! It's pretty amazing!

By now those  of you receiving my newsletter have heard the news that we are no longer going to hold our Hob Nobber sales.  There were many reasons for this even though we were still going strong! Why not go out strong! Right? I know many people are disappointed by this but all is not lost...yet, anyway.

First of all here are the reasons..Life was getting complicated. Les had health issues throughout the whole month of June, making it impossible for us to go out hunting for treasures.  Health problems kept us from going to the boat for some R&R as well. Trying to find time to fit it being on the hunt for "good finds" started  being stressful instead of fun. Our hobby began to seem like a job!  And it didn't help that this year we began to get some items stolen at our sales. We were getting too big!! Since we have so many rooms open we can't be in every room to check so items were missing  at our last event.

 Also, because the sales always had to be on Memorial and Labor Day weekends, we were yet again unable to use that time for family fun on the boat. Priorities needed to be checked again.

Oh my gosh! Miss this already!

 During this time I have also been working on an e-book about simplifying your life.  Clearly, "my life" was not getting the message of what I was trying to write about.

 So it was time to evaluate. I won't go through the steps of how we came to that decision, but we made it and we don't regret it. Actually, I felt a huge relief come off my shoulders even though I still love "the hunt". What's the Next Chapter? So here is where "all is not lost" and where I can still hunt for treasures and you may still find a place to buy our stuff.

Each Hob Nobber partner is considering options. Maybe we will all do Gold Rush together or find other venues that aren't going on over the holiday weekends. These other venues won't require such large amounts of space to fill.  We are all going to do some checking on options. One thing I WILL continue is my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! You can shop all year round on there and if you are local you can save shipping by contacting me in person about an item. I still have some great inventory that I will be listing. Etsy is  a great place to find one of a kind items for unique Christmas gifts.  I'm also putting some bigger items on Craigslist.

Les and I still enjoy the hunt so we won't stop altogether! But I AM enjoying selling on Etsy in our Gwen And Alma Shop! It doesn't require heavy lifting, a huge set-up, and we can still enjoy family time on the two big holiday boating days of the season.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


My last post was about Gold Rush and since then we've had our Fall Hob Nobber Sale.  We filled NINE ROOMS with treasures!  Here are some photos of THAT event:

Now it's on to filling up my Etsy online Shop, Gwen And Alma's! 


I think I need a rest!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Les and I spent the weekend at Gold Rush as vendors. We had fun, sold some stuff, and filled up on the BEST Kettle Corn around! We also met many interesting people from all over!

Our space is divided in two areas. Right smack in the middle are two back to back shelves which can't be moved. So it doesn't always leave room for a lot of creating vignettes. But it DOES help in having things to put small items on.

                Les helped out setting up items on the shelves while I put together little vignettes. I tell him where to put things, of course.

I sold the Seed Rack to the perfect couple! It will have a good home! As they came by the husband said, "I have to have this!" He said it brought back so many memories of his Grandma giving him packets of flower seeds to plant and these were some of the  kinds of seed packs she gave him! He still plants flowers and is a Farmer and uses the exact seed company listed on the bottom of the rack. It was meant to be!

                                           So nice when treasures go to the perfect home!

I also did a little shopping myself and bought a cute little ladder and a wire basket. I"ll be bringing these to our Hob Nobber sale to sell. I wish now I would have bought more...

Just met with the Hob Nobbers this week to run down the layout for the Fall Sale. We keep things pretty much in the same areas. But one difference this year is that we will have more than toys and linens upstairs. So you're going to want to make sure and get up there! We're going to mix up some things a little bit!  There will also be a Christmas Room filled with Vintage Christmas Decor as mentioned in a previous post. We also have some Vintage Norwegian Wool Sweaters for the cold winter coming up. And some of the collectible toys will be around the house in various places. So you're going to have to hunt and take a few trips around the house to make sure you see everything! We will also have some antique books if you're into old books! And folk art and whimsies! Folk art make great collectibles so make sure and check that area out! So pretty much LOTS of everything!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 11, 2017


Yeah, I know it seems like I'm rushing it! But here's why... 

If you want a more relaxing Christmas Season this year ( and who wouldn't like THAT? ) then begin now to get your shopping done our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! No more running around at the last minute, trying to find that perfect gift.

And in addition to  Fall Treasures and our usual FUN FINDS, we will have a Christmas Room in our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! We will have an assortment of Vintage Christmas Decor! These are little pieces of nostalgia bringing back memories of Christmas' past.They also would make great gifts!

There will be smaller items that you could use as decorations on your Christmas packages. Also, Christmas linens! Be sure and check out THIS room!

See sidebar for more information on our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! it will be here SOON!

Monday, July 31, 2017


Recently I haven't been going to garage sales to find my inventory because I am finding less and less of what I like. So Les and I have been going to Estate Sales and Auctions. Things cost a bit more but in the end I usually find what I'm looking for.

 But this weekend we were up in the Cities watching our Granddaughter at her swimming lesson and we stopped in and checked out a couple of sales. We saw this Barn Sale out in the country and stopped in.

I managed to find a couple of things I liked...

This newly painted old metal stool...

And this also newly painted green metal cart... You're going to have to look closely as I took this in the garage where I store everything and it might be hard to see with all the stuff in the background. But you can kind of get an idea. It also has another basket above this one.

I also picked up this old wicker flower box at an Estate Sale...

And many more "smalls" like this rustic blue splattered enamel bowl...

Of course, these are just a little hint of what's to come! Karen and Renee will bring their goodies as well as all our adult children. And I still have tons more as well!

It has been a three family affair with even our Grandkids getting involved! They help serve coffee and a couple of them even opened up their own Lemonade Stand where they also sell handmade items. You'll find them outside on the Circle Drive. Not sure what they are planning for THIS sale, though!

Hope to see you at the sale!

Sunday, July 30, 2017


We took a break from treasure hunting to head for the Lake...Lake Pepin, that is!

We bought a new pontoon this summer and found this weekend the perfect weather to go boating! It was so beautiful out! The weather was perfect!

On one of the days, we took my Mom along and enjoyed a nice slow cruise around the lake looking at the scenery and wildlife.

                Not sure what kind of birds these were, above, but we also saw herons and bald eagles.

The next day the water was the calmest I've seen and the weather even more perfect than the day before. We took some grandkids and daughter-in-law and picked up another granddaughter and her friend who were camping along the river.

We took a trip down the river and stopped at a Restaurant on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River. You just hook your boat up on the dock and a Boat Boy watches it for you.

We ate at the Pickle Factory in Pepin, Wisconsin. Here is one of their specialties: Deep Fried Pickles! The kids love em! I'm not a fan.

It IS fun to cruise down the River though and be able to stop along the way.

                                                     Here are the girls at the Pickle Factory!

                     After lunch we cruised back to our favorite beach for swimming. While the beach is dotted with boats and swimmers, some of the boats throw anchors out and sit out in the middle of the bay area and swim there.

After two full days of being out on the water and in the fresh air and sun. we were tired out!

         Don't forget about our upcoming Hob Nobber Sale!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017


It's getting close to that time again...

Time for another AMAZING

              And here we are, Karen, Renee, and Sandy! 

And here are the DETAILS:

Sunday, Sept. 3rd, NOON to 5 PM
Monday, Sept. 4th, 9-5 PM

              1091 Plummer Lane SW
              Rochester, Mn

Vintage and Antique Occasional Sale with Primitives, Farmhouse, Industrial, and Mid Century finds, Collectibles, and Christmas Decor!  Seven Rooms FULL!

New treasures added on second day! 

FREE Starbucks Coffee Served!!!
If you don't live in Rochester, it's worth the drive! Plus you get to see the Plummer House FOR FREE!

Check back in previous posts to see some items we will bring to the sale!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Les and I will be taking some Primitives and other Goodies to Gold Rush in Rochester, Mn this August. This event has been around for many many years and draws hundreds of vendors each year. We will have a booth in a building that is in front of the 4H Building.

Actually Les will be there MOST of the time because I will be taking care of our Granddaughter. But I WILL make an appearance. We always have fun at this event. We know a couple of other vendors in this building from Rochester also. And we've come to know another couple from another state we've met that come back every year as well.

Somehow I keep finding antique bath accessories...

I found this old metal antique bath stand that holds up to three basins and has a hook for towels. It would look great in a bathroom filled with towels and bath accessories. I will be selling this at our Hob Nobber Sale this Fall.

And this HUGE enamel rustic tub would also look great in a bathroom filled with white fluffy rolled towels. But you could also use this as a planter, or many other fun uses could be found as well. This will be going to Gold Rush with us.

And I'm not sure where I'll take these collars but I thought they were so cute I picked them up! These
 are white antique collars that were worn back in Victorian times. They are in good shape. They might end up in my Etsy Shop. I have four of these but am showing only two of them here.

I have three places I'm selling items currently. Well, four if you count Craigslist. You might want to check out all four as each place lists different treasures.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, July 15, 2017


So time is moving fast and I still need lots more treasures to collect to have to sell at both Gold Rush and our Fall Hob Nobber Event. And there seem to be fewer and fewer places to find those treasures as Summer moves ahead.

I went out of town the last two weekends in order to find the items I like to buy. These are a few of them:

Spice Drawers

Antique Oven Paddle

Oven Paddle

Vintage Paper Cutter

Large Paper Cutter With Bolt of Paper..This isn't ALL wood but the top has a nice wood top to it.

Wood with metal Salt Box

                                                  Yup! Lots of wood treasures!

                                Next post I'll show you the FUN BATH TREASURES I found!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Last week in addition to many Fourth of July festivities with family, I managed to fit in a couple of Estate Sales! Some of these will be listed in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's and some will go to our Hob Nobbers sale coming up this Labor Day weekend! Les will also be taking some things to Gold Rush in August.

So you have THREE places to purchase some GREAT DEALS!

This PRIMITIVE MILKING STOOL caught my eye right away!

This looked like a FUN DECOR PIECE...

Loving the color red in this cute little CHAIR, HOOSIER JARS, AND WHEEL BARROW...

Oh, yes, and another VINTAGE SCALE....

I'm also on the lookout for OLD WOOD BOWLS...

And of course, GRANITEWARE, always catches my eye...

I always manage to find a PRETTY TRAY WITH LACE...

Always some RED WING...Elissa found this one!

And for something unique...if you're looking for MEDIA ROOM DECOR....Elissa also found this VINTAGE FILM SPLICER WITH REEL

I've never heard of these but it looked pretty cool...Can you guess what it is?

                    Give up? it's an ANTIQUE CANDLE WICK SCISSORS ON A TRAY!

             An last but not least, this POSTAL MAILBOX DOOR TURNED INTO A BANK!

                      And yes, there is more but you'll have to check out our sales to find out!

 Don't forget to mark your calendar for our Labor Day Weekend Sale and Gold Rush in August! Also check out our Etsy Shop here

Thanks for stopping by!    Sandy
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