Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Bring Farmhouse Charm into your bathroom with these Antique Accessories now selling at Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shop! It's the little details that can make the difference in your bathroom!

You don't need that claw foot tub or even that large armoire you might see in large vintage bathrooms. Although they WOULD be nice, I"m not gonna lie!

But you can also just add a few ANTIQUE DETAILS  that will set the mood and create the Farmhouse Charm you are looking for!
                              Add this Antique Ironstone Soap Dish!  I have TWO of these!

Or if you prefer, Wire Soap Dishes, we have this one...

                                        Or here is another Antique Wire Soap Dish option...

                      These Two Antique Rustic Silver Containers can hold Q-tips or cotton balls.

                           Or for small storage, how about repurposing this Antique Spice Cupboard...

                                              Or this cute little Shelf With A Drawer...

                This Antique Soap Saver would add some Antique Charm AND be useful as well!

                                      This would make an adorable Antique Bath Towel Rack.

                           This Vintage Wood Tray would be perfect holding bath accessories.


                        This adorable Antique Cream Chair would also look cute holding towels.

                             This Antique Stool/Bench could also be a towel holder or a step stool.

                              Click on to the link to find these great treasures.

Next, I'll have ideas for a Mid Century Modern Bath!

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Monday, June 19, 2017


I love Oriental Rugs! I'm not sure when the interest in Oriental rugs began but probably sometime after we moved into the Plummer House ( see Plummer House page ). The house has oriental rugs in every room on the main level. So they began growing on me.

Right now I'm liking this one I found...

Yeah, it's pretty and also pretty expensive!

But look how great these rugs look in living rooms:

Notice in these rooms that the furniture is solid colors for the most part so the rug stands out. So that's my "problem" right now. Other than our sofa our furniture has plaids and flowers on them, so they might not work with that much pattern. At least I have all the right colors for this rug! So now I'm considering whether i should recover my chairs.

One thing seems to lead to another. Still, they ARE beautiful! Maybe I could still make it work! I'll have to think about it!

Do YOU like Oriental Rugs?

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Time to roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of SUMMER!
But CALMING? Not so much!

What's YOUR SUMMER like?

Are YOUR Summer Days Lazy?  Calming? Mine seem to be CRAZY!  CRAZY BUSY, that is! But also, CRAZY FUN!

For us it's time for...

Graduation Parties...lots of em!!! 

Boating  ( OK, now THAT can be lazy!! )   AND CALMING!

 Family Gatherings for Mother's Day and Father's Day...More FUN!

Helping With Fairy Gardens

 Taking Grandkids to the Zoo


Planning and Holding GRAMMA CAMPS!

Making felted soap

Fun at a Water Park!

Collecting Treasures at Auctions and Estate Sales For Hob Nobbers and Gwen And Alma's Shop

And sometimes  finding  fun things JUST FOR MYSELF! Like two more CAROLERS for my collection!

And we always fit in some Golf (Les), Walking for exercise, picnics, and an Anniversary Get Away!!

 Making sure my flowering plants outside stay alive! Yes, this takes some time and being intentional  for me! I usually manage to kill everything.

We even have to PLAN OUT OUR SUMMERS! We get out our SUMMER calendar, map out strategies to fit it all in, and mark them on the calendar! I thought after the kids grew up and we retired we could JUST SIT for the Summer! NOPE!

But no matter how busy our Summers are... we always manage to find time to KEEP CALM!   AND BUSY OR NOT .....WE ALWAYS... ENJOY SUMMER!


Friday, June 16, 2017


                                                                Tidy Home, Tidy Mind.
A book that has been on the best seller list in recent years is the book about being tidy called, "The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up". I hear it is VERY INVOLVED!  But WOW, "life changing"? I Do want to keep tidy but I'd kind of like to simplify it a bit. So since two of my "intentions" this year are to de-clutter AND simplify, I came up with 12 ways to tidy up that only take one minute or less each. I think if I follow these simple and quick tips, that keeping our tidier home would be, well, maybe not "life changing" but at least... easier. My husband has agreed to help so one person doesn't have to do EVERYTHING on the list. So that makes it even easier. I'm also going to make a chart of the list so we can each make a check by each item after we've done it. Okay, maybe a mental checklist  for my husband as he doesn't get into these kind of written details.

With two of us, if we split it up evenly, we only have to do 6 things each! That's only 6 MINUTES a day! It WILL take a bit of habit changing. But still, these things are simple and only take one minute or less. We can do this!

But why is it important to keep our home tidy? Here are some REASONS for keeping our (and your) home neat and tidy:

1) It creates a calmness in your life.
2) It helps make deeper cleaning easier.
3) It gives you more time to relax and enjoy life.
4) It helps you find things easier so you don't get stressed out looking for things.
5) It keeps your home safer so you don't trip on"stuff" just laying around.
6) Your home is always ready for unexpected guests.
7) A tidy home is a happy home.
8) It helps keep your mind clear.

And I'm sure there are even MORE  reasons for a tidy home but these should be enough to really want to keep your home neat and tidy. So now that you have the reasons for a tidy home, let's look at HOW to keep your home neat.
Listed here are the 12 simple tips Les and I are following.  I know some of you do this already ( and without the list ) but Les and I have gotten a bit lazy in retirement  and need some motivation here.  So here they are:

                                   ONE-MINUTE ACTIVITIES TO A TIDY HOME

1) Make your bed every morning. ( I know, you hear this all the time, but it sets the habits for the day as soon as you get out of bed )

2) Wipe up spills immediately.

3) Put dishes in dishwasher as soon as you are done with them.

4) Empty dishwasher every morning or as soon as it is finished.

5) Wipe off kitchen counters every night.

6) Put things back in their home after using them.

7) Pick up any "stuff" left out and put them where they belong. (If you are following #6, this should be less and less )

8) Hang up clothes right away or place in clothes hamper after you change.

9) Sweep kitchen floor once a day to keep crumbs at bay.

10) Keep a basket in a closet for things you don't need any more. If you come across an item you want to give-away, put it in this box.

11) Once a day, take a wet wipe and wipe down bathroom sinks.

12) Have a container for all incoming mail. From there. file your mail immediately into designated "homes" such as "bills to pay", "need quick response", or throw away.

So we'll be trying this now and let you know how it's working.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017


While MY decorating tastes run along the lines of Farmhouse Rustic, I know there are others who like the Mid Century Modern trends. My daughter, Elissa, who works with me selling on Gwen And Alma's also likes a few more modern treasures. So she often picks up Mid Century treasures to sell. So I thought I'd share a few of those items that we have for sale here:

This is a Mid Century magazine rack but could also be repurposed for storing rolled towels in a bathroom. I can see nice white rolled towels in there giving a clean simple feel to the bathroom.

This is a nice warm wood bowl that is practical but could also be hung and used as decor. Or just set it on the table with fruit in it. Maybe some lemons or limes.

This handsome wood men's valet or dresser organizer is so handy for keeping keys, change, and other little items neatly stored and organized yet easily accessible.

This is three of the pieces we have listed. Notice the warm wood tones? They don't have to be used with just Mid Century Decor, however. Mix them with some Modern sleek elements and they add a wonderful softness with their warm wood tones, yet fit right in.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I saw this old banana crate in a magazine once and have been looking for one ever since. Well, one that is in my price range, that is.

 I saw one at an Estate Sale once priced at $400 and thought it was a little steep! So I was MORE  than a LITTLE excited when I found one at a garage sale in a price range that I could afford!

When I find things that are a bit more difficult to find, I have a hard time trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it. The reason I want to keep it is obvious! But the reason I like to SELL these hard-to-find treasures is that I love to see someone else getting just as excited as I do when they find it at OUR sales! Yeah, I'm kind of a people pleaser. But don't worry. I DO keep plenty of things for myself. But also, it keeps people coming back to our sales because they know we find great stuff!

Here is the one I found:

It has the same metal handles at the ends, and metal around the corners and the rest is wood. Now all I need are the frames for two little camp stools to set it on and I'm good to go!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer! I'm going to sell this in our booth at Gold Rush. So if you've been looking for one, head to Gold Rush in Rochester, Mn some time in August.

Be sure and check out our Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shop! I've been adding more items and there are a lot of new treasures to swoon over! Be sure and "Favorite" our shop to receive updates!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Sometimes when we're buying items at auctions, they throw things together so you're bidding on things you want and you take what goes with it that you might NOT want. Such was the case with one particular item that was hidden in an antique firkin. This is what was in the firkin:

                                    THIS CREEPY LOOKING HEAD!!!

Some guy walked by me, noticing the head, and said, " Well, I guess everybody needs to get "a head" in the world!"  LOL

But this head is CREEPY! I was wondering what to do with it and my husband insisted we just keep it! He thought it would be fun to scare people with it!  So right now it's his full time hobby! Trying to come up with ways to scare people. When our adult children came to stay and hadn't seen the head, he hid it under the comforter, laying on one of their pillows! 

Then when we had window washers doing the outside windows, he set it on something so that when they climbed the ladder to the second floor, they would see this head staring out at them from inside. One of the window washer guys said, "That scared the bejeemers out of me!" I told my husband that probably was not wise as he could have fallen off the ladder!

It frequently makes an appearance on MY pillow and it never fails to make me jump back even though I've seen it before!

He sets it in unexpected places so when it appears in a cupboard, for example, you jump out of your skin when you see it, not expecting this creepy thing to be peering at you from a cupboard.

Now he and my son thought they should set it on the dress from I have...

So he's having fun with it. 

But I'M ready to find him/her ( we haven't figured out whether it's male or female yet) a new home. Maybe in our next sale...


Thursday, May 25, 2017


Tomorrow we hit the ground running! We'll be getting ready to set up for the exciting Hob Nobbers Spring Sale 2017! This year we got lucky and have TWO WHOLE DAYS to set up seven rooms of amazing treasures. We usually have only one day for set-up so this is a real treat!

We have hired some strong young teenagers to help with moving everything in. We wouldn't be able to do it without their help!  So I'll be directing traffic and telling them in which room to put everything. After it's all in, we'll be doing the fun part... decorating, setting up fun vignettes and laughing a lot. Because that is what we DO!

Here are a couple of recent fun finds... this beautiful piece that I found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. Or was it last week. The weeks are now running into each other as I get close to the BIG SALE!


My daughter found this cool bench....

And I found this cute planter at a flea market...

Now I need to get to bed and get plenty of rest! The next four days are going to be hectic but we'll have a blast!

Friday, May 5, 2017


So I watch a lot of HGTV which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me! One thing that is always said on the show when viewing an outside space is something like, "I could see us sitting out here enjoying our morning coffee." That seems to be a regular line on the show. So when Les ( husband ) suggested on a beautiful quiet morning that we sit outside and read the paper with coffee (me) and juice (Les), it brought that "line" to mind. Never mind that we do not OWN the Plummer House, "I could still see us sitting outside and enjoying our morning coffee".

So the first space I thought of was the Sun Porch. Reminder: We are Resident Directors in this 49 room Historical Mansion ( See Plummer House Page ).

                       Yes, I am reading a book on repurposing JUNK by Ki Nausser. The four season glassed in porch overlooks a garden which used to be a swimming pool. To the left of the sunporch is the space that used to house the Green House ( to be rebuilt in the future) and to the right is the path to the Courtyard. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the Courtyard.

Les brought out our comfy "beach chairs"  which may not seem fitting here but they were comfortable.

                              We enjoyed the Pansies in pots and in the Courtyard Garden.

Path back to the Sun Porch and freshly planted Pansies in the garden

                        Our view from the Courtyard of the lawn and gardens, and ponds below...gorgeous!

                   Yes, this truly is a Magical Place to enjoy our morning coffee ( or juice).

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